LinkedIn Statistics You Should Know in 2022

Social media serves many different purposes. People go to Facebook and Twitter for sports, memes and entertainment. They browse Instagram and Pinterest for beautiful images and inspiration. But when it comes to business and professional networking opportunities, LinkedIn is the place to be. Why should you take a closer look at LinkedIn statistics 2022? Because LinkedIn, dubbed the “professional social networking site,” is the biggest and most impactful of its kind.

If you’re searching for ways to boost your social media management efforts in the coming year, it’s essential to have an industry-level perspective and an understanding of what’s driving the latest LinkedIn marketing statistics.

This blog post reviews some of the most significant LinkedIn marketing stats. The categories of on-site features, demographics, recruitment, lead generation and marketing trends will be the main focus of our LinkedIn statistics 2022 blog. Let’s get to it.

LinkedIn Statistics Relating to Site Features

LinkedIn has proven highly effective in helping users make meaningful professional and business connections. That’s because it enables the filtering of non-business metrics, a capability that is not prioritized by other social networks. Consider this feature when formulating a LinkedIn digital marketing plan and connect with businesses and professionals aligned with your values and niche.

You can use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT or AND NOT) to filter search results for the following:

 Seniority level
 Job function
 Years of experience

These are valuable social media marketing LinkedIn features that you can take advantage of. To increase your connections, your LinkedIn marketing strategy should include an optimized profile. Simple steps like adding a background photo and a profile picture, writing an eye-catching summary and using a job title as your headline go a long way.

Here are some LinkedIn statistics job hunters should look into:

 By adding a profile picture on LinkedIn, you increase your profile view rate by 14X (LinkedIn, 2019).
 Pay attention to job alerts and be one of the first responders to new job postings. This increases your chances of getting a response from the employer fourfold (LinkedIn, 2021).

Of course, there are many social media marketing LinkedIn strategies similar to those on Facebook and other platforms. But some of the more powerful strategies and features you should leverage in your LinkedIn strategy include the following:

 Comment hashtags, which are indexed on this social portal
 The #OpenToWork frame on your profile picture if you’re searching for a job
 The #Hiring frame on your profile picture if you’re looking to hire someone
 The swipe up link feature in stories to increase content visibility

There is, however, a feature that marketers and job seekers have somewhat ignored – shareable and linkable content. Only one percent of the site’s regular monthly users post content that can be shared or linked to. But content is an essential element of LinkedIn social media marketing everyone should take advantage of.

An effective LinkedIn marketing strategy must include creating and sharing relevant content. The site allows you to use different content formats, including video, slideshows and even links to your website. Having these elements in your LinkedIn strategy will place you among the three million users or accounts that tend to get an aggregate total of 9 billion impressions.

LinkedIn Stats 2022 and Demographic Data

One of the genuinely remarkable LinkedIn marketing stats involves demographics. The social media portal boasts more than 800 million members across 200 countries worldwide – an incredible figure that anyone working on their LinkedIn digital marketing strategy can feel inspired by. In fact, in December 2021, the platform launched in Hindi to support another 600-million-strong market.

Take a look at the following LinkedIn stats: The company launched in 2003 and grew its membership to 1.6 million two years later. Growth was slow in those early years. But when the company went public in 2011, it had a whopping 400 million users (Buffer, 2017). It reached its half-billion mark in 2017.

Here is a rundown of critical LinkedIn statistics relating to usage and demographics (LinkedIn, 2021):

 Forty percent of the total users access the platform daily.
 The site has 42 percent year-over-year (YoY) growth.
 Seventy-five percent of LinkedIn users live outside of the U.S.
 More than 48 percent of users are from North America and Europe.
 Around 194 million users are from North America, and 166 million are from Europe.
 Forty-four percent of users take home $75,000 a year.
 The majority of users are from Asia Pacific (around 201 million).
 About 65 million users are from the Middle East.
 Approximately 121 million users are from Latin America.

It’s also estimated that 43.1 percent of users are female, while 56.9 percent are male (Statista, 2021). Female LinkedIn users tend to be more selective regarding job applications, applying to 20 percent fewer jobs compared to men – this is among the most vital LinkedIn stats for recruiters. However, women on LinkedIn tend to be 16 percent more likely to get hired than men (LinkedIn Gender Insight Report).

Recruitment Stats

Job recruitment is one of the primary reasons users are on LinkedIn. Therefore, it’s a critical LinkedIn marketing area you need to consider:

 Forty-five million users search for jobs on the site every week (LinkedIn, 2021).
 More than 50 million listed companies are on LinkedIn (LinkedIn, 2021).
 Fifteen percent of all jobs were remote work in 2020 (LinkedIn, 2020).
 Remote job posts rose by 357 percent in 2021 – an important figure to consider in your LinkedIn campaigns (LinkedIn Workforce Insights, 2021).
 Someone gets hired every three minutes through LinkedIn (LinkedIn, 2020).
 About 85 percent of recruiters use this social platform to run background checks on applicants (RezRunner, 2020).
 Nine out of ten LinkedIn members are open to looking for new job opportunities (LinkedIn, 2021).
 Another 40 percent of users tend to switch to another position within four years (LinkedIn Marketing Blog, 2020).

One of the most interesting LinkedIn stats is that during the pandemic in 2020, the site saw an increase in the number of remote jobs posted, up to six times more compared to the previous years. This fact shows a change in preferred employment and actual LinkedIn trends.

Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

Apart from networking and recruitment, part of your LinkedIn digital marketing strategy development should be focused on lead generation. People usually spend time on other social networks. But when it comes to LinkedIn, they tend to invest time in the platform.

Pay attention to the following LinkedIn marketing statistics (LinkedIn, 2019).

 Eighty percent of online business-to-business (B2B) lead generation comes from LinkedIn.
 Forty-three percent of marketers on the social network say they have sourced at least one customer using the platform.
 Seventy-nine percent of marketers believe this platform is a great lead generation tool.
 Statistics show that as early as January 2020, marketers reached 663.3 million people through LinkedIn social media advertising.
 The portal’s ads reach around 1.6 percent growth per quarter.
 The top markets reached by LinkedIn ads are the U.S. (162.5 million users reached) and India (62 million users reached).

LinkedIn Trends for Marketers

Now, let’s go over some LinkedIn marketing statistics. We mentioned earlier that only a few businesses and users post content. But those who do make it a part of their LinkedIn marketing strategy drive large volumes of traffic to their websites.

It’s not surprising that many B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn. In a 2018 B2B survey, 97 percent of respondents reported having used LinkedIn for their content marketing initiatives. Comparatively, Twitter and Facebook saw 87 and 86 percent popularity among marketers – interesting LinkedIn marketing stats for social media specialists (Content Marketing Institute, 2018).

Here are some more related stats driven by the latest LinkedIn trends:

 Brands posting ads on the site get an increase in purchase intent as high as 33 percent (LinkedIn, 2021).
 LinkedIn ad campaigns reach 13 percent of all worldwide audiences (Hootsuite, 2020).
 Video posts tend to get shared 20X more. Pro tip: Design more video LinkedIn campaigns (LinkedIn Marketing Blog, 2020).
 Employees are 14X more likely to share your site’s content to support your business (LinkedIn, 2021).
 Larger images get 38 percent higher click-through rates (CTR), which is an important detail when creating the content for your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. For reference, 1,200 x 627 pixels is recommended (LinkedIn, 2021).
 Ad reach increased by 3.5 percent in the last quarter of 2021. This means your LinkedIn ad campaigns might reach 25 million more people worldwide (Hootsuite, 2020).
 LinkedIn was voted the most trustworthy content source and “the most trusted platform” for brand reputation (LinkedIn, 2019).
 LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective for lead generation than platforms like Facebook and Twitter (HubSpot, 2020).
 Expect 30 percent of your engagement to come from employees (LinkedIn, 2021).

Important note: Fifty-seven percent of LinkedIn’s traffic comes from mobile devices (LinkedIn, 2021). It’s almost an even split between mobile and desktop, which is why you should make sure to cater to both users in your LinkedIn strategy. Experts do predict, however, that the number of mobile users will increase fivefold in the next three years (Ericsson Mobility Report 2021).

Working With a LinkedIn Marketing Agency

We hope our LinkedIn stats 2022 blog has given you insights into formulating better LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Social media brand management isn’t always a walk in the park. The same is true for LinkedIn social media marketing, which can be challenging to execute if you’re new to the platform.

Collaborate with a seasoned LinkedIn marketing agency like Thrive. We have been helping companies big and small grow their social media following and generate leads through powerful LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

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